Educational program — "Speaking Russian about Moscow and Russian culture"

Training mode: off-line
The volume of the program is 108 academic hours:
  • 72 hours — classes with a teacher, special courses, master classes (18 academic hours per week),
  • 36 hours — independent work.
The cost of training is 25 740 rubles.

Educational program — "Winter School (Russian as a foreign language). Language of Business"

Training mode: off-line and on-line
The volume of the program is 36 academic hours:
  • 18 hours — classes with a teacher (6 academic hours per week),
  • 18 hours — independent work.
The cost of training is 9,057 rubles.

1 academic hour = 45 minutes.
Classes are held in groups of 10−12 people.
Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate indicating the duration of study and the volume of disciplines studied.

Director of the Winter School — Kuptsova Galina Nikolaevna:,
+7 (495) 330-84-65.